Përse e quajmë “Classic Bodybuilding”?

Why do we call it – “Classic Bodybuilding”?

There’s a new division in our sport and it has a lovely ring to it’s name! Classic physique , or classic bodybuilding as we know it in Europe. To us it’s not a new thing but the guys from the States are a bit bamboozled by it!

What’s the point of having a new category in bodybuilding? Well, we have to admit that there is a big gap between the categories that are currently instated in the iron sport. 212 is reserved for the shorter guys that get way to blocky in the open. Men’s physique is…”special” in it’s own way and there seems to be no “middle class” for the competitors.

Up until now there were a lot of guys too big for physique, too tall for 212 and not big enough for the open class, who were stuck in the middle of nowhere. Now, that nowhere has a name and it’s “Classic physique”. So all the guys that couldn’t really do damage in other categories now have a home for themselves. How does it work?

  1. Up to & incl. 168 cm Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 0 [kg]
    2. Up to & incl. 171 cm Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 2 [kg]
    3. Up to & incl. 175 cm Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] -100) + 4 [kg]
    4. Up to & incl. 180 cm Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] -100) + 6 [kg]
    5. Over 180 cm Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] -100) + 8 [kg]

As staded by the IFBB rules, these are the numbers everyone needs to respect and reach in their own category. The rounds will go like this:

  1. Prejudging: Elimination Round (Four Mandatory Poses)
    2. Prejudging: Round 1 (Four Mandatory Poses, comparisons of Quarter Turnsand Seven Mandatory Poses)
    3. Finals: Round 2 (Quarter Turns, Seven Mandatory Poses and Posedown)
    4. Finals: Round 3 (Free Posing Routine – 60 sec.)

. The judge should first assess the overall male athletic appearance of the physique. This assessment should begin at the head and extend downwards, taking the whole physique into account. The assessment, beginning with the general impression of the physique, should take into consideration the hair and facial features; the overall athletic development of the musculature; the presentation of a balanced, symmetrically developed physique; the condition of the skin and the skin tone; and the athlete’s ability to present onstage with confidence.

So now that we know what it is, we can get ready for the new part of our sport! Bodybuilding is just starting to expand and so far it’s doing a pretty good job. Both Women and men have a lot of divisions to choose from making it easier for any particular body to fit in somewhere. Who knows, maybe this new Classic look will be a big hit!

Until next Time,
Luka Kuhar

Lee Haney – A Gentleman’s Champion
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